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16º Cultura Inglesa Festival

Data: De 25 de maio a 30 de junho

Com o slogan "Você pode aprender o inglês. Ou escolher viver o inglês." a Cultura Inglesa traz a 16ª edição do Cultura Inglesa Festival, abrangendo as cidades de São Paulo, Campinas, Santos, São José dos Campos e Sorocaba. Shows, espetáculos, exposições e muitos outros eventos gratuitos e abertos ao público prometem agitar as cinco cidades e mostrar o que o Reino Unido tem de melhor. Veja a programação completa no site do evento, participe das promoções e... ENJOY!!! =D


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Workshop with Bjarne Vonsild

Data: Friday the 15th of June, 2012 - Hora: 3:30pm

Local: Target Language Services - Rua Vergueiro 727. Conj. 708 (right next to Vergueiro Underground Station) Sao Paulo. Brazil

In this workshop we are going to look at what students need to know about vocabulary in order to go out in the big world and use it. This means we also need to know what lexis is, and what information students need to know about the lexis we clarify.

This will lead onto some practical, and alternative ideas for vocabulary clarification and practice. The workshop is free. You just need to let us know you are coming and then bring your good self.

Tel.: 55-11-3207-5400

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The Oxford Teachers’ Academy 2012


Every year in July a unique teacher training event takes place in São Paulo: The Oxford Teachers’ Academy. The OTA is an 18 hour refresher course for language teachers and is divided up into three 90-minute workshops per day for three days, interspersed with periods of reflection and feedback. I've been there last year ( CHECK HERE ) and it was really awesome. Unfortunatelly, as I was one of the chosen ones to be there last year, this year I won't be able to go... =( For free! =S MAYBE there's a possibility of getting paid seats, according to my dearest OUP Educational Consultant Fabrizio Rossi. Fingers crossed, and as soon as I have news I'll let you know!!!

Fabrizio has also given me a short description of this year's sessions:


Focus on adults:

Focusing on Language 1 – Through the CoursebookAlthough it is true that children learning their L1 do not study their L1 grammar nor lists of vocabulary when they first learn to speak it, in L2 English teaching – especially when working with adults – working with grammar and vocabulary are useful short cuts. But some learners have little patience with rules.  In this session we will look at different approaches which can help optimize the learning process. 

Listening is a key language skill, so we need to find ways to help students become more confident. In this session we will analyse the challenges present in diverse listening tasks and ways of grading the challenge to make listening a successful and fun activity.

Pronunciation 2 (Participants are NOT required to have taken Pronunciation 1 previously)
This lively practical session gives a series of practical tips and ideas for teaching syllables, Word Stress, Sentence stress, Stress shifting, Rhythm, Weak forms and other features of Connected speech such as Elision. We will look at the changing emphases in Global Pronunciation Teaching. Finally, you will be given a list of tips and techniques to encourage systematic exposure and help you focus on areas within your own teaching where you might be able to do more pronunciation work. 

Written Correction
Often upon looking at a piece of a student’s written work we are overwhelmed by all the errors.  We want to be positive, but are torn when we see all the problems.  In this session we will focus on practical ways to define what to react to and how. We will also experience options that can help learners deal with and correct their own errors. The six principles and sixteen techniques cover diverse aspects from our attitude to the errors, to classroom policy, to very specific ways of leading learners to autonomous error correction

Focus on adolescents:

Classroom Dynamics and Emotional Intelligence
We, as teachers, often wonder why some classes bond well and others don’t. Is it due to particular personalities in the class or is there something that we can do to enhance both the relationship between us and our students and the relationship between the students themselves? Awareness of what makes students behave as they do, together with advice on practical activities means this session will help you develop the dynamics in your classroom to positive effect.  

Managing Mixed Classes
The aims of this session are to examine the types of diversity and the benefits of methodological eclecticism in a mixed class. It then goes on to focus particularly on dealing with diversity in language levels, by looking at different modes of working and how tasks can be differentiated in a variety of ways to suit different students with varying language levels.

Speaking – Effective Oral Interaction
This session explores classroom tasks that demonstrate how listening and speaking are complimentary to each other as in authentic communication. It considers opportunities we can create in the exams’ preparation classroom to improve students’ speaking skills as well as confidence. The session also looks at common EFL speaking test specifications and requirements and at how students can be best equipped to perform effectively in an examination context.

Working with Graded Readers
People keep saying that readers are a useful and valuable tool for learning English, but how exactly do they help?  More importantly, how can you, the teacher, make best use of them to maximise their value? This session will look at practical ways to exploit readers to encourage learning in a varied and motivating way

Story Telling
We do not yet have a detailed description of what this session is going to be like. However, we have made sure that this is a fun, hands-on session in which participants will be able to exercise the fundamentals addressed in this year’s program.

The OTA 2012 will be held on the 2nd/3rd/4th of July at QI INTELLIGENCE FLAT - Avenida Ibijaú, 364/368 – Moema – Sao Paulo.


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