Teacher training courses - RAFFLE!!!


Target Language Services is offering a raffle of R$300 discount ONLY for the readers of Stuff 4 Us!!! This discount is valid on any of these three teacher training courses:

-CELTA: The Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults awarded by UCLES - University of Cambridge. It is the best known and most widely used pre-service training course in the world, and enjoys recognition internationally. It qualifies trainees to teach English as a foreign language any where in the world.
-LANGUAGE AWARENESS FOR TEACHERS: In this course we will be clarifying a wealth of rules about the form and use of mainly grammar, but also of some lexis and functions. There will be ample opportunity for teachers to express their own doubts as well. It is our intention that this course should enable the teacher not only to learn important rules about language, but also to get a bigger picture of how language works. Throughout the course the language clarified will be related to what aspects of the language teachers should ensure they clarify in their own classes.
-PRACTICAL ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING: As the title says, this is a very practical teacher training course for teachers of English to adult learners. The principles will mostly be presented through practical demonstrations, from which principles and methods will be clarified. Trainees will be expected to participate and contribute with their own ideas, and input will be geared towards the teaching situations the trainees are familiar with. This course is relevant for teachers who intend to do the CELTA later, and/or who merely want to become more effective teachers.

To take part in the raffle, you should leave a comment with your full name and e-mail on this post from 19/06/2012 until 26/06/2012 (11:59 PM). I will accept only one subscription per e-mail. The raffle will be done through the site http://www.random.org/. As soon as the raffle is done, the winner's name will be published here and the winner will get an e-mail. The winner HAS TO answer the e-mail until 27/06/2012 (11:59 AM) with the name of the course. If the winner doesn't answer the e-mail, a new raffle will be done.

The courses will be in July at Rua Vergueiro, 727 – Cj. 708 - Paraíso - São Paulo - SP. GOOD LUCK!!! =D