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Macmillan Webminars


Watch live talks from some of the biggest names in English language teaching, right in your web browser, then put your questions directly to the presenters. All webinars are free to join - all you require is an internet connection and a computer. Missed a webminar? Download it to watch later! Wanna have the presentation notes? You can download it too! The site even has a Time Zone Converter to check the start time in your country. So, register and enjoy!!!

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ABC2MP3 offers free text to speech conversion, it allows you to record voices in English from your text. Sign up for free, and you can directly convert files, plain text, RSS feeds and web pages. You can use the site to record books, articles, web pages and proof read your work in audio format. The site claims to use natural sounding voices, but it's not what happens. The voices are kinda robot-like, but you can understand what they are saying.

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Cambridge English Teacher


Cambridge English Teacher offers you opportunities to develop your skills and connect with other teachers and experts in English language teaching, wherever you are in the world. Cambridge English Teacher is run by two departments of the University of Cambridge with many years of experience and expertise in education and teacher development (including the CELTA, Delta and TKT qualifications): Cambridge University Press and University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations. Cambridge English Teacher has five key content areas for you to use: Showcase your career history and achievements and build a network of contacts who can support you in your development in our profile area; study independently and flexibly, with support from moderated discussion forums with online professional development courses designed specifically for you; find webinars, articles, a library of professional development materials from Cambridge University Press and a wealth of other resources for you to use in your teaching practice; read and contribute to discussions and broaden your understanding of current issues in English language teaching with the discussion forums; and find details of events taking place near you and on the web, including live Cambridge English Teacher webinars, with the calendar of events. The courses seem to be nice and they are not that expensive, the membership is quite inexpensive too. I love studying, so I enjoyed this site very much!

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LyricsTraining is an easy and fun method to learn and improve your foreign languages skills through the music videos and lyrics of your favorite songs. Students can use the site at home or at the school lab. Through online fill in the blanks activities, they can practice listening, reading and writing, all together. I love working with songs, I recommend this site for people like me.

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Take your students to the lab and let it be with! It's a nice way to improve their (and your) vocabulary. It combines an adaptive learning system with a dictionary so that they can more quickly and more efficiently learn words. Regardless of their education level or age, will help everyone to master the words that are essential to academic and business success. As students have to sign up to access the website, you'll be able to take them more times to the lab, use the site again and track their leaning progress through graphs and charts. Besides that, they'll get an e-mail from the site once a week with the Question Of The Week, so they can study by themselves too. You'll love it!

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English Med


English Med was developed by Elanguest, a well established English Language School in Malta, and is free to use. It's an initiative sponsored by the European Union's Leonardo Da Vinci project. The special 60 unit online companion course for this site includes transcripts of the conversations and the audio files for many more medical situations. You can also find written exercises for collocations, articles, determiners and much more. - Home


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The Online Slang Dictionary


Started in 1996, The Online Slang Dictionary is the oldest slang dictionary on the web. It brings you more than 21,000 real definitions for over 15,000 slang words and phrases. You'll find more than 2,300 real-life citations from TV shows, movies, news publications, and other sources. The slang thesaurus has more than 500 categories of meaning. Some of our unique features - such as usage and vulgarity voting - are listed. Be sure to subscribe to the word of the day. You can log in to add words and definitions - and edit existing definitions! I have already used it, it's great!

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Primary Access


PrimaryAccess is a suite of free online tools that allows students and teachers to use primary source documents to complete meaningful and compelling learning activities with digital movies, storyboards, rebus stories and other online tools. PrimaryAccess is an initiative at the Center for Technology & Teacher Education in the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia. PrimaryAccess is intended to serve as a catalyst for using effective technology-based tools in the K-12 classroom.

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Chad Matt and Rob


Chad, Matt & Rob

I just loooooove these guys ( specially Rob, lol! =p )! They make the most wonderful interactive videos ever! My students love their videos, I'm sure yours will love them too!

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Animate yourself with just a picture of your face. The site claims it to be fun and easy, but I didn't try because it has to be a picture where you are staring the camera with a serious expression, and I don't have any pictures like this. I didn't like the pictures from the site that show the examples done, all the heads are bigger than the body, it's creepy. Anyway, I believe it's worth giving it a try! Teachers can make movies to deal with an specific grammar topic and / or students can use it to do projects, it may be fun and easy.

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Unique Teaching Resources


Other day I was surfing on the internet, looking for any writing templates or stationaries I could find and then I ran into this site. I loved! The little ones will enjoy reading and writing with these templates for sure. You can find resources for grammar and celebrations too, this site is really complete.

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Animoto Education


Enhance your digital classroom with Animoto, the perfect tool for creating videos and presentations. It takes just minutes to create a video which can bring your lessons to life. I have already seen it working, it's amazingly beautiful!

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Looking to jazz up your presentation? Just export and upload it to Picsviewr and add some unexpected touches. Picsviewr turns your Flickr photos into visually stimulating presentations. Choose one of the 10 slideshows templates available and enjoy!

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280 Slides


Don't have Power Point or Keynote? You can create stunning presentations from scratch (and for free) with 280 Slides. There's no software to download—and when you're done you can share it any way you like.

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Slide Share


Already have a presentation? Use this tool to upload your PowerPoint or Keynote slides (and Adobe PDF Portfolios and SMART Board presentations) and share them. Now your students don´t need to copy in their notebooks your class anymore!

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